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Found a mity URL on the web? Safely preview the destination url by adding /preview to the end of it.

You can also use /preview to monitor daily click stats on any shortened URL.


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Takes viewers to
a Random Video
on your Channel or Playlist.

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Channel & Playlist Url Examples:

  • Introducing Active Synced Lists for YouTube.
  • We keep lists synched with your channel/playlist, so you only need to create it once!
  • Be sure to visit your list here from time to time to monitor click stats.
  • Your list URL stays the same, so you can safely put it on all your videos.
  • Never again will you have to select and gather links manually to keep viewers engaged.
  • To maximize click-through, place URLs near the top of your description area.
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Share a whole list of links with one mity url Share a custom url list
Use Link Pointers to keep your readers engaged Link Pointers work here, too!
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